If you have a question you can always contact us and I’ll get back to you ASAP! Here are some questions that I’ve been asked a lot, so I answered them here.

Q: Are you Teo’s official site?
A: No. We are just a fan site.

Q: Does Teo know about this site?
A: He does! He actually gave approval to have this site done as well as his mom, Megan.

Q: Are you Teo Briones?
A: Nope! Just a fan.

Q: Can you get me a autograph?
A: No, sorry I can’t. I am just a fan like you.

Q: Do you have Teo’s number?
A: No, and even if I did I would never give it out. Please respect his privacy.

Q: Do you make money running this site?
A: No! We are completely non-profit, and I make no money from this site. I actually spend money to run this site.